Malcolm McDowell, it's Music Monday!

Let's start with a band that won't be around for much longer. The Dancing Hats, who are not super brilliant at timing, will go on hiatus immediately following the release of their debut album this week. Appropriately, it's called We Are All Still Friends—glean from that what you will—and the local eight-piece will cram in one last show this Saturday, October 5, at Backspace. Here's a track from the album called "I Can," and it's a wonderfully blustery bit of folk-punk-polka-funk (scratch those last two).

Vikesh Kapoor's new album is coming out incredibly soon: The Ballad of Willy Robbins hits the ground on October 15 via Mama Bird Recording Co. Check out the Portland singer/songwriter's latest track, the chilling yet uplifting "Carry Me, Home," a jaunty bit of American folk given Kapoor's ghostly treatment. (You can also check out the spellbinding "I Dreamt Blues" here.) Kapoor plays an album release show on Sunday, October 13 at Portland Playhouse.

Here's the latest from Red Fang, in case you haven't heard it yet. "No Hope" is a bruiser, a full-throttle monster that's a vivid, bloody example of why these guys are our town's heaviest and finest. Red Fang's new one, Whales and Leeches, comes out on Relapse on October 15, and Red Fang plays a Red Bull party thingy at the Doug Fir tomorrow night (Tuesday, October 1—you can RSVP to it here). They'll also play the Wonder Ballroom on December 27.

Songs from Toxic Holocaust, Red Yarn, the Parson Red Heads, and Wild Ones after the jump!