Another week, another Mercury music section that doesn't contain mention of Spanish band Delorean, whose Portland show scheduled tomorrow night at Branx was cancelled following a bizarre kidnapping incident in Mexico. We are glad no one was hurt and that Delorean made it out unscathed—and look forward to seeing the band when they're able to resume touring.

Neo Boys might not be in the textbooks, but they helped make Portland music history.

LISTEN: Neo Boys - "Poor Man's Jungle"

Vikesh Kapoor's marvelous first album is also a vital piece of social commentary in an era when America's workforce is vanishing.

LISTEN: Vikesh Kapoor - "I Dreamt Blues"

Plankton Wat's Dewey Mahood left Eternal Tapestry, but he still can't shake his Northern California upbringing on his latest album, Drifter's Temple.

LISTEN: Plankton Wat - "Empire Mines"

Is going to a Geto Boys concert in the year 2013 a good idea? Our Bobby Roberts elucidates.

LISTEN: Geto Boys - "Mind Playing Tricks on Me"

Saxon helped invent heavy metal as we know it. It's time to start giving 'em credit.

LISTEN: Saxon - "And the Bands Played On"

Plus a gaggle of Up & Coming show previews, you silly goose. Honk!