Sad news for Passion Pit fans: They have cancelled their upcoming Portland show, scheduled for this Saturday, October 19 at the Moda Center's Theater of the Clouds.

Here is the official statement:

This Saturday's scheduled Passion Pit show in Portland is cancelled due to scheduling conflicts beyond the band's control. Refunds at point of purchase.
The timing of this show cancellation is... ironic? That's not the word. Coincidental? Strange? Whatever. What I mean is that Passion Pit just turned the internet upside-down last week by posting a weirdly patronizing letter that explained why cancelling shows really, really sucks. According to this missive, the Portland show's cancellation dings in at Number 4 on their "Reasons Why We Cancel Our Shows, Which We Seem to Do Quite a Lot" List:
4) Conflicting schedules. There are many things that happen on the road that are scheduled that are not made public because it is no one’s business. Clearly, it must be something serious enough to merit losing money to clear a show. We do not take this lightly and because we all have private lives, certain things are unavoidable and some people will simply be left with a statement that doesn’t fully satisfy. We’re sorry, but we are entitled to our privacy to a certain degree. This is one of the most frustrating things that you cannot always predict, which brings us to my final point.
And so on and so on. What's weird is that as recently as October 9, the band insisted: "No shows on our current tour are up for any type of cancellation at this current juncture."

Our sincere wishes for Passion Pit to get over whatever has caused this schedule conflict—which is none of our business, see—and our condolences go out to ticket-buying fans. The show has already been removed from the Rose Quarter's calendar. An ad for the show will appear in tomorrow's Mercury, but be assured, it is not happening. No word on whether other dates on their tour have been cancelled, but I'm guessing yes. [UPDATE: No other shows appear to be cancelled. Sorry, Portland.]