• Shannon Wolf
Elemental Portland dream-rockers Genders bought a van to go on their current tour, an extensive jaunt opening for Built to Spill that began last week in Boise. Sunday night, barely four days into the tour, their newly acquired van struck a deer somewhere outside Harrisburg, Illinois. The band is fine (no word on the deer) but the van is definitely not. It may be altogether totaled—at last word, they were waiting to hear from the insurance company on what the damage was.

Yesterday, Banana Stand Media posted a link to a fundraiser the band has set up to help keep them on the road, by either renting a replacement or perhaps even buying a used van in the area. Genders are accepting donations through Square Cash; go over to Banana Stand to see how you can help, or check out these easy instructions.

1. Write a new email from your email account to:
2. In the subject line, type in the amount you want to send to the band (i.e. $25).
3. CC the email address:
4. Press send.
If you don't have a Square account set up, you'll then receive an email asking for your credit card info.

The reason you'll want to do this is because Genders is a great band and good folks. They have their very first full-length album (titled Get Lost, which I won't read anything into regarding their current situation) coming out in December, and we recently premiered a track from it. Listen to "Something to Get You By" again here. (I will read into that song title as it pertains to Genders' situation—help 'em out.)