Not sure how you feel about that band name—it's a love-it or hate-it kind of deal—but I suggest you listen to the terrific debut EP from Levon's Helmet before making up your mind. The five-track release comes out today, and perhaps not so coincidentally, it's also the shared birthday of both of the band's two members, Jason Oppat and Gordon Keepers*.

* If there were a prize to be awarded to dudes with awesome names, I nominate Mr. Gordon Keepers.

Clocking it at little longer than 10 minutes, Levon's Helmet is a brash, peppy head-rush of power-pop and punk inflected melody, with Keepers and Oppat moving at breakneck speed through greasy, goopily catchy songs. Take a listen to the splendid "My Life Is Going Nowhere," a relatively slow song for them, moving at a deliberate pace and casting off bummer vibes by turning up those amps, cracking on those drums, and hollering in harmony.

Keepers and Oppat were both members of local acoustic bluegrass band Water Tower (who shortened their name from Water Tower Bucket Boys); here their punkier influences come through, as does some crystal-clear, no-pretense songwriting. You can hear all of the EP over on Bandcamp, and I recommend that you do. Levon's Helmet play a record release/birthday party show tonight at the Firkin Tavern, playing a free show with Snarl and the Family Bell.