Every year, the Portland Cello Project host a holiday concert like no other. Yes, music and family and Christmas and other stuff is celebrated, but the main focus is always on that favorite of all holiday traditions: the holiday sweater. This year, PCP's Holiday Sweater Spectacular takes place on Friday, December 20 at Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall, and the cellists have sweetened the pot with a very cool, hilarious contest.

From Portland Cello Project's site:

In honor of our December 20 Concert at the Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall we've arranged a little contest. This is how it works:

• You put on your best or worst Holiday Sweater (bonus points if a cello is somehow involved).
• Or you could even put the sweater on your cello (as above).
• Or you could even put it on your cat. (I hear the Internet likes cats.)
• Then: You take a picture of your Holiday Sweater. Bonus points for creative design. Bonus points for effective composition. Bonus points for creative setting.

You'll want to go over there for full details on how to win, and a breakdown of the many great prizes available. But here's the doozy:
And we haven’t touched on the best part of this. If you are among the top three sweater winners, wear your sweater to the show, and we will give you absolutely supreme VIP seats. And you will be invited on stage, and the audience will vote on the number one grand prize winner.

And then...

For the absolute extremely superlative best grand prize winner: We will compose a song with Adam Shearer on the spot dedicated to your sweater.

Yes. Your sweater will be immortalized in a musical composition.


(Probably on YouTube via video from your friend’s cell phone.)

Head over there for the full details on how to enter, PLUS the added, inestimable bonus of the video of Dave Depper in a full elf costume joining PCP for Outkast's "Hey Ya" from the Holiday Sweater Spectacular from three years ago.

Portland Cello Project also have a new EP called Winter (The Best Nine Months of the Year) coming out in time for the Spectacular; we premiered a song from it in last week's Music Monday.