• Art by Tuesday Faust
La Carreta is the funky, homey Mexican joint at the corner of SE McLoughlin and Holgate. You've no doubt driven by it a number of times—and even more likely, you've stopped in more than once for their ample Mexican fare and dizzying margaritas. It's a Portland old-school favorite, unsullied by the hands of hipsterdom.

Did you know that La Carreta has a private upstairs banquet hall? It does! And on Friday, January 3, it's gonna hold a one-of-a-kind rock 'n' roll show. The Mercury is co-hosting a very special, very awesome benefit for Sisters of the Road, featuring music by the Pynnacles, Eyelids, and a micro-set by Hutch Harris of the Thermals. If you don't know, the Pynnacles are the band of veterans that hearken back to the rough-and-tumble days of garage rock in the mid-'60s, doing so with authenticity and boundless energy; they're fronted, of course, by the legendary Sean Croghan. And Eyelids' ranks include John Moen (the Decemberists, Black Prairie), Chris Slusarenko (Guided by Voices), and Jonathan Drews (Sunset Valley); their debut single comes out in February. Lastly, Hutch Harris is... well, Hutch needs no introduction.

Tickets for the 2014 La Carreta Meltdown just went on sale this morning, and since the banquet hall is pretty teensy (only 80 advance tickets are available), you'll want to jump on it right now. Go here for tickets, and don't dilly-dally.

So yeah—a rock show in La Carreta, for an absolutely terrific cause. It's the best way to kick off the New Year.

The 2014 La Carreta Meltdown w/the Pynnacles, Eyelids, and Hutch Harris; La Carreta, 4534 SE McLoughlin, Fri Jan 3, $15 advance, tickets here