(Holocene, 1001 SE Morrison) The Range manages to extract cerebral meaning from the core conceit of IDM, where blissful soundscapes immerse the listener in a throwback pastiche of electronic production. Twenty-five-year-old James Hinton reinvents the obtuse soundcraft of the genre's pioneers, digitally simulating the iconographic hardware tones of yesteryear while turning them intangible with concrete dancehall samples and streetwise beats. His debut, Nonfiction, juxtaposes the stark sentiment of these found sounds with airily danceable, lite-house progressions that build up to entropic bliss. Whatever post-dubstep signifies, music like this is liberated from the staid, gloomy archetype of UK drum-and-bass while appropriating the feel of club music for a hyperreal genre amalgamation. With PDX's own chameleon of hiphop-house, Rap Class, on the bill, tonight promises to be a premonition of style for the paleo-future of electronic music production. WYATT SCHAFFNER