(Mississippi Studios, 3939 N Mississippi) As the holidays keep on creeping on, you could use some rock relief. The mystic frenzy of Sun Angle is just what the doctor ordered, as Papi Fimbres, Marius Libman, and Charlie Salas Humara form a 12-limbed spirit animal of noise and motion. To keep things sweet and local, XDS and Summer Cannibals round out the stacked bill. NED LANNAMANN

(Holocene, 1001 SE Morrison) Old Age hail from Corvallis, but they're becoming some of Portland's favorite rockers. Matthew Ulm's uniquely gritty vocals make you feel their explosive emotion straight to the bone. Their recent EP, Rain Won't Ever Come, is packed with songs that spiral into one another, flowing with energy honest enough to feel like home—their melodic and uproarious songs just beg to be your next anthem. If you haven't taken the opportunity to give these guys a listen, I suggest making your way out tonight as they round out this rad lineup. RACHEL MILBAUER

(East End, 203 SE Grand) For his new record, Paul Lynch—also known as DJ Tan't—plundered Led Zeppelin's drum tracks from the 1978 sessions for their In through the Out Door album, recorded at ABBA's (at the time) brand-new, state-of-the-art Polar Studios in Stockholm. John Bonham's undeniable beats form the backbone of DJ Tan't's The Bonham Diaries, an eight-song concept album with Lynch overlaying synthesizers on top of the drum tracks via Ableton. It's true that Bonham's drumming casts an immense shadow—"Fool in the Rain" might be one of the few songs in recorded history that anyone on the street can recognize by its drum track alone—but Lynch has created something interesting and heavy, much more than a curio for Zeppelin fanatics. Tonight Lynch plays with drummer Will Hattman, who takes over the drum throne from the late Bonham to provide in-the-flesh backbeats for The Bonham Diaries' live rendition. NED LANNAMANN

(Revival Drum Shop, 1465 NE Prescott) The latest edition of Creative Music Guild's ongoing Outset Series features Moongriffin and Bernstein, the amazing duo of erstwhile jazz players Elliott Ross and Noah Bernstein. Together they work in a much more electronic milieu, with Ross (performing under the name Moongriffin) manipulating programmed beats via laptop while Bernstein sends his alto sax through a series of effects pedals, rendering the sound as different from the source instrument as possible. Joining them on the bill is Lee Elderton, a self-proclaimed "degenerate saxist" who usually spends his evenings backing up folks like Dan Duval and former Zappa sideman Mike Keneally, but tonight will be performing an all-improvised solo set. ROBERT HAM