(Valentine's, 232 SW Ankeny) A couple of our favorite Portland writers—Lisa Wells and Perfect Day Publishing's Michael Heald—have put together a cozy evening at Valentine's to share the work of their talented friends. Optimistically dubbed "Something Wonderful," the show features music from Nick Delffs and Mercury contributor Mo Troper (Your Rival) and readings from Jay Nebel, Elena Passarello, and James Yu. ALISON HALLETT

(The Know, 2026 NE Alberta) We're big on Portland punk outfit Divers around here, you might have noticed. The band offers up one of the city's must-see live shows, leaving audiences lathered like an overused horse with earnest, ecstatic, straight-up rock. If you're only familiar with the group via its lone (and impeccable) 7-inch, make tonight's set an early Christmas gift. DIRK VANDERHART

It's a welcome sight to see Berkeley's Street Eaters back in town so soon after playing a pair of shows back in June. The duo, Megan March on drums and John No on bass, twist rhythm and fuzz with dueling vocals to create a double helix of melodic punk-rock that would have felt right at home on Kill Rock Stars back in the riot grrrl heyday. The pair strikes the perfect balance between sharp and sweet. Lyrics aim for the chest and pack a punch, and while nothing in their discography would be considered sugarcoated, there is a pop sensibility that makes the songs easy to cling to. Local fuzz-loving quartet Fine Pets get things started tonight. Their recently released album No Gaze is a take-no-prisoners burst of lo-fi punk that finds the band ready and willing to crank the volume and drench beauty in piercing noise. CHIPP TERWILLIGER

(Mississippi Studios, 3939 N Mississippi) Portland trio Bombs into You's new album Shake continues their catalog of punk-tinged electro-pop, and the urgency in the full-length's nine songs perpetuate a buzzing, after-midnight quality that successfully disorients then soothes the listener. While the band's reliance on vocal effects and blurred, stratospheric guitars sometimes puts the listeners at arm's length from the band—as if these sounds could be emanating out of the top of a stadium a dozen blocks away—Bombs into You's solidly written, yearning songs boast arrangements that are interesting enough to keep the listener engaged. The new songs on Shake should work a treat live at tonight's record release show. Don't miss openers Hong Kong Banana, who released the fine, Stones-y EP Now But Not NOW Now and should kick things off with the right amount of rock 'n' roll grease and attitude. NED LANNAMANN