(Doug Fir, 830 E Burnside) Like any soul outfit, the sound of Seattle's Pickwick gathers itself around virtuosic lead vocals. Galen Disston's been called the "best singer in the Seattle music scene," which is a pretty damn big coincidence, since tonight is the night you're finally labeled the "best dancer in the Portland music scene." DIRK VANDERHART

Nothing is as satisfying as seeing a cheap show, especially when the show is actually good, and not just a family jam band playing at the local burger joint in matching Goodwill sweaters. This $3 show includes local favorites Lost Lander and Magic Fades, with Seattle's Pickwick headlining. Those who like Fleet Foxes and lots of vocal reverb will enjoy the smooth aural caresses of Lost Lander. Magic Fades plays tasty, spliced slow jams that define so much of EDM-informed R&B. Then there's Pickwick, who sound like the Black Keys after they Fitzed and Tantrumed their way to become poppier and more uptempo. The show's caveat is that you have to RSVP with Red Bull first—and even that won't prevent you from potentially ending up at the end of a very long line, shaking in the cold as you wait to head down the Doug Fir steps. ROSE FINN

(Alhambra Theatre, 4811 SE Hawthorne) No Bird Sing is a three-piece group from Minneapolis that features emcee/vocalist Joe Horton rapping and singing over soundscapes provided by a guitarist and drummer duo, who double as producers in the studio. It's telling that they've toured with Doomtree's Dessa and are signed to the label run by Sage Francis, as No Bird Sing's music attacks with a visceral wave that descends from the same unique corner of indie-rap. For tonight's show, they reached out to Portland's Hives Inquiry Squad, former Midwesterners who shared a bill with them back in the day. Emcee Lucas Dix's partner and Hives collaborator Gavin Theory sadly passed away in April of 2012, but he's working on a final Hives project rapping over some of the last beats that Gavin made. Dix will debut that material live tonight, alongside songs from his Jellyfish Brigade project. RYAN FEIGH

(Tony Starlight's, 3728 NE Sandy) Jokes, trivia, and talented people playing pianos—the spanking-new Mont Chris Hubbard Bonus Show promises a little something-something for every taste. January bonus: a guest-star turn from the endlessly entertaining pianist David Saffert. ALISON HALLETT