It's an MLK Day edition of Music Monday!

Tara Jane O'Neil's new album, Where Shine New Lights, is due out on Kranky next week. We posted the first advance track back in November; now here's "Elemental Finding," another gorgeous meditation with full, rounded chords and O'Neil's vocal melody offering a guiding light. The once-Portland-based TJO is currently operating out of LA these days; hopefully she'll make a return stop in Portland on the heels of the album's release.

Kid Brother is a ramshackle country-rock band from right here in town. Their debut, the Family Band EP, is a lo-fi excursion of ramblin' goodtimes, recorded at various locations including McMinnville. Its best track, "Rob This Town," is a shitkicking, boozy bit of Southern rock with two guitar solos at once (a very fine thing in my book).

Last week King Tarahumara release the final chapter of their Mystic Mixtape Trilogy. Chapter 3. Obsidian sees Papi Fimbres and Kevin Robinson offering more brain-scrambling electronic psych, so jam packed with dizzying sounds and figments of the pair's warped imaginations, no additional psychotropics are necessary. All three installments are available over on Bandcamp, and I'm not sure what would happen to you if you listened to them in one extended dose. Here's the closing track, "Duckin' the Right Walk," which combines the sensations of a street parade with a mothership liftoff.