(East End, 203 SE Grand) Keeping up with the latest releases from the Fullerton, California, cassette-driven record label Burger Records became a lot harder when my car's tape deck finally bit the dust. I miss the feeling of sending off $6 in a blind exchange for an album to blast on my daily commute. Cosmonaut's blown-out cover of the Beach Boy's "Little Honda" is a perfect example of the consistent goodness packaged on those releases. With a reputation for pushing the volume on their lo-fi garage rock through the roof, the Orange County band morphs the classic pop song into a psychedelic meltdown, while somehow holding true to the original. Cosmonauts' latest, 2013's Persona Non Grata, offers a bit of a break from the surging madness. Shrieks and shouts become smooth-out vocals, as songs are pulled along past the six-minute mark by heady and atmospheric guitar rock. CHIPP TERWILLIGER