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Another week, another Mercury music section that starts off strong with a great, sexy Beyoncé performance, then plods along pointlessly for another four soul-crushing hours.
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Portland band Aan have an album! It took a while, for several good reasons. The tangled, off-kilter rock they produce was well worth the wait.

LISTEN: Aan - "I Don't Need Love"
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I can't stop mistyping Action Bronson as "Archie Bronson," due to the inactive English band Archie Bronson Outfit that I love so dearly. In reality, comic rapper Action Bronson has virtually nothing in common with those guys, apart from some letters (and possibly a love for the '80s solo work of Genesis lead singers, because who doesn't love that?).

LISTEN: Archie Action Bronson with Party Supplies - "Contemporary Man"
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Plus a fruitcage's worth of Up & Coming shows.