Ghost to Falco
  • Ghost to Falco
Another week, another Mercury music section after you wrap your brain around the idea of Joan Jett fronting Nirvana at their Rock & Roll Hall of Fame induction performance. Cool, but... wow.

• Eric Crespo's Ghost to Falco project has taken different shapes over the years, creeping around the outskirts of Portland's avant-garde and pop music communities. The new album, Soft Shield, is a record of startling invention and geologic beauty.

• Identical twin sisters Katelyn and Laurie Shook came from Sandpoint, Idaho, to make eclectic folk—fittingly, under the name Shook Twins.

• Northern Spanish band Berri Txarrak is bringing Basque punk stateside. You think your punk band is edgy? Try writing songs in a language that was banned for almost 40 years under a military dictatorship.

• English electronic-art band Factory Floor makes the most discordant kind of disco.

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