Dolorean have announced that they're hanging up their spurs after a final show at Mississippi Studios on Saturday, May 31. This is sad news for fans of the Portland band, who have mined a vein of folk, rock, and country that has been consistently genuine and heartfelt over five albums and 12 years.

Frontman/songwriter Al James says, “We were in the studio in January of this year working on some new tracks. A few of the songs were sounding good, but we weren’t breaking new ground as a band. We were really only happy with one song—‘Miami Wine’—so we decided we’d release it to fans digitally, book one more show and ride off into the sunset.”

In the coming weeks, "Miami Wine" will be made available on Dolorean's site, which has all their other released music on it. It's a trove of the band's exceptional legacy; 2007's You Can't Win and 2011's The Unfazed are particularly good points of entry.

All the members of Dolorean—James, Jon Neufeld, Jay Clarke, James Adair, Ben Nugent—will continue with other musical endeavors, and James will keep on writing and recording as well. Meanwhile, the May 31 show at Mississippi Studios will be the last farewell for one of Portland's finest bands. Long may they run.