(Holocene, 1001 SE Morrison) For years, DJ Beyondadoubt's outstanding dance night I've Got a Hole in My Soul has been shaking asses and taking names. Sadly, Beyonda is off to Los Angeles, so tonight we bid farewell to this beloved Portland institution. For the last time, join Beyonda as she digs deep into her bottomless crate to produce the most booty-wagglin' classic soul 45s you will ever hear. WM. STEVEN HUMPHREY

(Wonder Ballroom, 128 NE Russell) If you haven't yet knelt down before the Shrine—Venice, California's self-proclaimed "psychedelic violence" band—you better bloody your knees and start speaking in tongues. Equal parts rock 'n' roll, classic heavy metal, and punked-out West Coast hardcore, the Shrine is all ripper and zero filler. The band's new full-length, Bless Off, dropped this year like a wild, frothing skateboarder into an empty pool, cruising and crushing just as hard as 2012's critically acclaimed Primitive Blast. To prove the band's cred even further, Bless Off's slow-burn track "The Duke" is co-written by Chuck Dukowski, founding bassist of Black Flag. The Shrine are hard touring, hard charging, and coming up lightning fast. ARIS WALES

(Alberta Street Pub, 1036 NE Alberta) The music created by East Forest—one-man electronic producer/performer Trevor Oswalt—feels much more spiritual and enrapturing than could be described on paper. Ambient, yes, but with a deeply resonating pulse that puts you in a blissful, meditative state, coaxing you slowly toward nirvana. A similar case could be made for Tim Gray's long-running project Ethernet. But his oozing, synth-based compositions have a bit more bite to them, as if the only way to achieve inner peace is to first run your tongue across the business end of a nine-volt battery. ROBERT HAM

(Kenton Club, 2025 N Kilpatrick) Redding, California's Belda Beast have steadily amassed elder-statesmen status in NorCal's fledgling underground rock scene, having released a slew of recordings of not just themselves, but also of other up-and-coming bands from the area via the Around Town Collective label/community project. Songwriter Zach Zeller's diverse output has wiggled through folk, experimental music, electronic, and punk, often yielding powerful moments of pure abandon, not unlike his sonic contemporary John Vanderslice. Belda Beast's new nine-song, self-titled LP consists of new songs alongside retakes from 2007 album As One Wakes the Night. The band is bringing along fellow Redding instrumental wunderkinds Monk Warrior, whose poised, jazz-math shenanigans ought to provide an ethereal counterpart to Zeller's more worldly compositions. RYAN J. PRADO

(Crystal Ballroom, 1332 W Burnside) On first listen to Lo-Fang, I was curious. I heard cello, banjo, and violin, produced so clearly and smoothly that the songs slipped down my ears like butter. He hooked me with a sweet tenor voice that enunciates lyrics so crisply, I just wish they were worth listening to. Mr. Fang (AKA Matthew Hemerlein) is classically trained, and plays all of the instruments on his album Blue Film, but not once does his competent virtuosity yield anything interesting. Lo-Fang might resonate with some; his sound will either remind you of that summer you spent at the lake when you got your heart broken, or you'll get so bored and cheesed out that you'll need to listen to Doggystyle just to cleanse your palate. ROSE FINN

(The Know, 2026 NE Alberta) Portland rock 'n' roll outfit the San Onofre Lizards formed out of the Olympia-based band Family Stoned. While the new band may have taken root a couple hours down I-5, the songs on their self-titled cassette paint an image of them planted even further south, living easy and soaking up the desert sun like lizards. That fine-weather feeling is precisely where the three-song stretch of "Lizard's Theme," "Headed South," and "Tucson" take the listener, and it's a welcome escape from the lingering Portland rain. The tape has a Neil Young and Crazy Horse vibe that runs throughout, with "Everyone Knows (That You're Through)" heavily channeling a country-tinged, psych-rock influence. Fellow Olympia rock acts like Gun Outfit and Milk Music have left the Northwest behind for the desert of Southern California, but it seems the Lizards are content to bring that sunshine our way for the moment. CHIPP TERWILLIGER