Earth! Sky! AGALLOCH!
Another week, another Mercury music section to keep open in a background tab as you gaze at the wondrous boondoggles that are Riot Fest's lineups for their upcoming music fests in Toronto, Chicago, and Denver, with glorious highs (Mineral!) and shameful lows (Sublime with Rome!).

Agalloch! It's just fun to say. The Portland-area elemental metal band have a new album, and if you thought it would be a slapdash affair with tossed-off two- and three-minute tunes—then you don't know Agalloch.

• Florida's Floor broke up, once, but they're back, and with new material to boot. The melodic sludgers' fanbase has grown in the interim, too.

• Our Q&A with RiFF RAFF contains the following phrase: "Having your own line of sandals is disrespectful to haters." The context? Well, that's not really important, is it?

• Plus! Our rundown of this week's best all-ages shows in All-Ages Action!

• And a hearty dollop of this week's Up & Coming show previews.