Your summer Mondays just got a little more secret.

Banana Stand Media, the folks behind the ongoing series of live albums recorded at their secret underground bunker, have teamed up with SE Division's Double Dragon bar/banh mi palace for a series of special summertime events. Double Dragon is ordinarily closed on Mondays, but starting June 2, they'll open at 6 pm with a late-night menu and low-priced cocktails, and folks are invited to bring their vinyl records down to the restaurant to spin. THEN, as the evening gets in full swing around 8 pm, a secret, unannounced band will take the stage.

These "secret" shows will continue every Monday night through Labor Day, and while I'm not able to announce the bands that are performing, I can say this: If you already like what Banana Stand is up to, and/or if you like the bands covered in the Mercury, you will want to check these shows out. Banana Stand's Aaron Colter tells me, "Some of the bands playing are new to town or just getting started... so the idea is to get people out and be turned on to something new. And some groups that are interested are larger and just want to play a small show without a lot of pomp."

The official press release, which goes out tomorrow, goes on to add, "June 2nd's opening event will be an advance album release from a promising new band who recently relocated to Portland. Further acts in the series will include local favorites and touring groups, plus other surprises."

These shows are totally free, and again, will take place every Monday night at Double Dragon (1235 SE Division) from June 2 to September 1. See you there.