Eric D. Johnson dissolved Fruit Bats, but he's back under the name EDJ, and played his first proper show under that name last Wednesday, opening for Papercuts at Mississippi Studios. Here's the first glimpse of what EDJ's gonna sound like, a scenic, lavender-sky rumble through a twangily psychedelic landscape, with some early-'80s British art-rock drum fills for good measure. EDJ's self-titled album comes out on newly hatched label Easy Sound on August 5—just a couple short days after EDJ's appearance at Pickathon.

Here's some infectious, R&B-skewed pop from local musician Motaz, who wrote, produced, and recorded the breezy and upbeat "We're Gonna Make It" all by his lonesome. It's a Drake-like bit of dancefloor magic, juiced up by Motaz's smooth tenor and overdubbed background vocals. With memorable, endless-replay tunes like this, don't let anybody tell you Portland is solely a rock 'n' roll town.

The folk-flecked local band the Desert Kind is releasing its debut album this Wednesday, joining Ed and the Red Reds for their June 4 release show at Mississippi Studios. In advance of the album, titled Old Overhaul (a special nod to fans of a good pour of rye?), the group released a single for "Wanderin' Heart." Check out the single's lovely B-side, "Port Townsend," a mellow, barrel-aged ballad suitable for slow-sippin' and—towards the ripe, smoky finish—high steppin'. Again, the Desert Kind will be sending Old Overhaul out into the world this Wednesday night at Mississippi Studios.

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Portland all-star punk band P.R.O.B.L.E.M.S. has a new 7-inch single on the way. Here's the A-side, the blistering, merrily confrontational "Hit and Run," which is soon to be issued on local label Doomtown Sounds. The band is about to kick off a whirlwind national tour later this month, playing 17 shows in 17 days, and they're releasing their second full-length album in September. It's called Another Day, and presumably won't include a cover of the easy-breezy Paul McCartney song of the same name, but what do I know. P.R.O.B.L.E.M.S. kick off their tour with a hometown farewell at Star Bar on Thursday, June 26.

Sam Wenc from Eidolons has a new solo record under the name Post Moves. It's a home-recorded affair, done on Tascam cassette 4-track with Wenc playing all the parts. Here's opening track "The Silver Jews," which Wenc says "is about thinking you're cool 'cause you like the Silver Jews then someone coming along and calling you on your BS." Oh man, been there. Check the whole thing out on Bandcamp, where you can potentially score a cassette copy in exchange for two slices of Hammy's. Post Moves isn't really doing much live performing, although Wenc will be joining Fat History Month for a show at Discourage Records on July 9.

We'll end today with a sort-of, kind-of, not-really new one from part-time Portlander EMA. It's a bonus track from her recent album The Future's Void. "Drown" is an uneasy but captivating glimpse into a digital void, with the sounds of pixelated dust piling up in the corners. EMA is playing at this year's revamped MusicfestNW festival, performing on the afternoon of Sunday, August 17 at Waterfront Park.