Sean Flinn and the Royal We are due to drop their second album, The Lost Weekend, on July 15. The album makes use of Flinn's considerable songwriting skills and the ensemble's firepower for an expertly crafted collection of Northwest folk rock. "Heavy Hearts" is no exception, a song that gallops toward natural majesty with "woh-oh-oh" backing vocals and no shortage of handclaps. In other words, it's a perfect song for a near-cloudless June day in Portland.

Renaissance Coalition emcee Slick Devious teamed up with Load B's Milc to form Lightly Salted, and their new record is streaming on Bandcamp. The two emcees ride above silkily retro, stoned-out grooves from the Scorched Earth producer team of Bryce Howard and Ton Jugir for something that's otherworldly, both inviting and unsettling. The full thing's available for free over on Bandcamp, but here's "Osho," a smooth but still somehow aggressive track that at first seems like a chill breeze, then an insistent gale.

Local violinist/guitarist Anna Tivel's second album Before Machines comes out next week, and here's the opening track, the loose and easy "Five Dollar Bill." It bears traces of dusty bluegrass and Tivel's sandy, sunset voice. Tivel plays a record release show this week, at the Old Church this Thursday, June 12.

More Music Monday after the jump, with new ones from Bastard Feast, the Wishermen, Sharks from Mars, and Kaylee Rob!

If you're feeling relaxed by now, here's Bastard Feast, the band formerly known as Elitist. The extreme metal group have an album due out on July 22 on the Season of Mist label. It's called Osculum Infame, which translates the "The Shameful Kiss," and opening track "Bastard Feast" nothing you'll want to kiss your mother with. They're playing their tour kickoff show on July 5 at the Know.

Instrumental jazz-etc. group the Wishermen have a new EP called Epoch due out later in the summer, produced by Adam Brock and featuring the first group compositions of the local trio—although this one, "Song Song," was written by drummer Barra Brown. There's also some vocals on the EP, plus appearances by former members Thomas Barber on trumpet and Nicole Glover on tenor sax.

Here's Sharks from Mars and a tune from their upcoming seven-track CD, which'll be out on July 2. "Suicide Blues" is a raunchy, rowdy garage-punk tune with a chorus that dares you to shred your larynx along with it. Sharks from Mars will also play the Know on July 4, on a bill that's headlined by Japanese punk-blues duo Mugen Hoso, who have been known to do back flips during their set.

Let's cool off with a new one from Kaylee Rob, the alter ego of man-about-town Kevin Robinson (Viva Voce, Blue Giant, etc.). This one's called "Tell Me," a bruised ballad with down-tuned 12-string guitars and massive percussive crashes that don't affect the song's intimacy. Kaylee Rob has a few shows on the slate: headlining June 14 at the Foggy Notion, opening for Lee Bains III and the Glory Fires on June 18 at Mississippi Studios, and playing July 12 at Cymaspace.