Chad VanGaalen
Another week, another Mercury music section that'll encroach upon your neighborhood like a lost teen bear. (Sadly, the band Teen Bear does not appear in this week's issue.)

Chad VanGaalen is a visionary artist who makes terrific and unusual records all by his lonesome. He's coming to town, which doesn't happen very often—so we put together a list of some of the best ways to dip into his broad, eclectic body of work.

LISTEN: Chad VanGaalen - "Monster"

• Songwriter Doug Paisley is steadily gaining acclaim, but he's still a little uncomfortable to see people carrying a record with his face emblazoned on the cover.

LISTEN: Doug Paisley - "Song My Love Can Sing"

• You could say that Brooklyn metal band Tombs is preoccupied with mortality.

LISTEN: Tombs - "Edge of Darkness"

• Our picks for this week's best all-ages shows.

• And a delicious honeypot filled to the sticky brim with Up & Coming shows for the week.