There's a new fest in town, and it ain't pretty.

That's precisely the point with Festicide, a three-day event that's taking place in venues throughout Portland on August 15-17, which you'll note is the same weekend as MusicfestNW. That's deliberate, say the organizers—in this case, local heavy music label Eolian Empire, along with bookers David Rose (the Know) and Robert Comets (High Water Mark, Foggy Notion).

The "anti-fest" celebrates Portland's DIY culture with an emphasis on punk, metal, and extreme music. There will be seven shows across town over the course of the weekend, priced at either $5 (cheap) or totally free (cheaper), at venues like the Know, East End, Club 21, High Water Mark, Slabtown, and Kenton Club. Let's let the organizers explain:

Borne of the long-running free Saturday matinee show hosted by Portland's RABBITS during MFNW for the last four years—a chance for the uninvited to strut their stuff for adventurous tourists and cynical locals—this year's move of MFNW to the waterfront left more than just the great unwashed scratching their heads and thinking, "WTF MFNW?" So we put our big heads together and hatched a big idea...

Seven shows featuring twenty-five underground Portland bands, from young upstarts to old masters, at the best underground venues in town, all shows either free or just five bucks, including two matinees (one all-ages). And we would call it...

FES•TI•CIDE [fes-tuh-sahyd]
- noun
1. the resultant anti-fest, spawned from the collective effort of Portland, Oregon's thriving DIY music scene, that eradicates the unwanted and unnecessary elements of traditional fests.

2. a loose collection of shows comprising venues, bookers, and bands to highlight Portland's forward-thinking underground music scene with a slant towards the darker, heavier, noisier, and weirder.

3. a live music series that forgoes long lines, corporate sponsors, wristbands, expensive tickets, expensive drinks, rock stars, sunburns, speakerless full stacks, massive stages, and tests of endurance, instead putting the show-goer in control of their own destiny via a multitude of affordable and free options.

Take a look at the excellent lineup after the jump, which is a remarkable cross section of local music. I'd be lying if I said there's something for everybody—but again, that's exactly the point.

Get ready for Festicide.

•••FRIDAY 8/15•••

The Know (2026 NE Alberta) - 8 pm, $5, 21+

East End (203 SE Grand) - 9 pm, $5, 21+
Vice Device
Smoke Rings
Draft Dodgers
(members of DBC/Rabbits/UnderMountains)

•••SATURDAY 8/16•••

East End (203 SE Grand) - 3 pm [MATINEE], FREE, 21+
Rabbits (record release)

Club 21 (2035 NE Glisan) - 9 pm, FREE, 21+
Tiny Knives

High Water Mark (6800 NE MLK) - 9 pm, $5, 21+

•••SUNDAY 8/17•••

Slabtown (1033 NW 16th), 3 pm [MATINEE], $5, ALL AGES
Drunk Dad
More Hell
The Gout

Kenton Club (2025 N Kilpatrick), 9 pm, FREE, 21+
Big Black Cloud
Sad Horse