Cher performing in Boston on April 9
  • Joel Ginsburg/, via
  • Cher performing in Boston on April 9
"And what is your granny doing tonight?"

I’ve seen big-time continental touring acts, bands that have created genres, and rock 'n' roll hall of famers perform live, but I’ve never seen an icon of Cher’s caliber. Cyndi Lauper said it best during her opening set, “Cher has an Emmy, a Grammy, and an Oscar.” She doesn’t have to prove anything else because she’s already done everything. Seeing as how Cher has had number ones on charts spanning six different decades, my expectations were sky high. I expected a spectacle, and I expected a perfect vocal performance.

Turns out, those expectations weren’t too much for a 68-year-old Cher to meet. The show was a gas from front to back. Cher was the master of ceremonies for a variety show, an elaborate Broadway performance, a music awards ceremony, and a full-on circus act all rolled into one.

The production was vast. The sleight-of-hand with the stage and background changes was skillful. Cher’s 11 costume changes were executed quickly, while the audience was occupied by either video montages of her television career with Sonny Bono, highlight reels from her music video and film career, or the stellar dance troop that was about 10 deep, male and female, with every move in their arsenal.

Amongst the razzle-dazzle of the stage show, Cher was graceful, casual, and charming. She spent five minutes talking about how much Dr. Pepper she drinks, and lamented how they’ve only given her two six-packs in here entire career. Somehow she managed to be self-aware of her status, yet completely down to Earth, without coming off like an asshole.

Cher wasn’t trying to hide her vocal limitations behind the pomp and flash of the show either. Her voice boomed in the mix, drowning out her backing vocalists at times. Only occasionally could I see her struggling for air, or reaching for a note. Whatever she reached for was always there.

Typically, someone like Cher touring the country at her age signals the last-ditch cash grab of someone’s career while they can still fake it. Instead, she performed as someone that has inspired generations, and decidedly wants to continue.