Portland band Priory haven't exactly kept a high local profile since dropping their self-titled debut in 2011, but it turns out the duo of Brandon Rush and Kyle Sears have been hard at work on further recordings, amassing vast quantities of studio gear, and getting signed to Warner Bros. in the process. Their upcoming major-label platter hasn't been announced yet, but here's "Weekend," a huge-sounding single that plays to the rafters with such universal sentiments like "Hell yeah, I just got paid" and "Forget that I was ever your whipping boy." Taking Rebecca Black's "Friday" to new extremes, "Weekend" will probably be the biggest song to come out of Portland this year. Enjoy it now before we're all sick to death of it.

Hawaii band the Fourth Wall came to Portland two years back, and they've just released a fine new record called Lovely Violence. Take a listen to the title track, a space-cowboy ramble that has more up its sleeve than its laid-back, back-porch strum initially reveals. You can download the full album on Bandcamp for the price of nothing, and the band hopes to have a physical release for Lovely Violence in the coming months.

Purse Candy's album Visions of a Healed Kingdom is on the way, a shimmying collection of electrofunk with its DeLorean dials set straight for 1982. Riding a "Controversy" vamp, here's "Messiah," a dancefloor warmer with buzzy analog synths and disco cowbell. The album was recorded with Fruit Bats/Shins drummer Ron Lewis joining frontman/songwriter Matthew Ellis; synth player Evan Bridges and saxophonist Phillipe Bronchtein round out the ensemble.

The local sludge-pummel artistes of Bastard Feast have their new album, Osculum Infame, coming out July 22 on Season of Mist. (The title translates to "The Shameful Kiss"—we've all been there.) Here's "The Rats Through Our Veins," which premiered on SSG Music and whose ferocious magnitude makes full use of the band's newly expanded lineup. (Gaytheist drummer Nickolis Parks is a longtime member.) Bastard Feast just left on a tour that will take them to El Paso before climbing back up California. They'll be playing at Tonic on August 2, sharing a bill with Graves at Sea.

While it was announced just weeks ago that Natasha Kmeto was signed to Dave Sitek's Federal Prism label, she's got a new track on the Gem Drops Four compilation as well, which will be released by Dropping Gems (Kmeto's old homebase) on July 29. Her contribution, "Last Drop," is a largely instrumental exploration made of feather-soft pads of sound and a club-ready beat that flickers in and out of focus. Take a look at Gem Drops Four's full tracklist and preorder the comp here.