• Liesl Meissner
Hovercraft Amplifiers doesn't just make recycled, custom tube amps—their main man, Nial McGaughey, has also, with the assistance of Nanotear Booking, put together an all-day festival of heavy music:
McGaughey’s self-described “oh shit” moment was when he was in the audience at Stumpfest, and all of the bands were using a backline of Hovercraft amplifiers and cabinets. It was then that he realized he had done something incredibly spectacular and special and wanted to give back to the bands that create such amazing music using the gear. The first annual Hoverfest is the perfect way to celebrate how far Hovercraft Amplifers has come and to reflect on the amazing support the business has gotten from the people who love what they do.
It's going down on Saturday, August 23 at in the alleyway that's behind Cravedog and outside of Type Foundry Studio, on N Kerby between Thompson and Tillamook. The lineup's pretty killer, including Yob, who are headlining in advance of the September 16 release of their latest album, Clearing the Path to Ascend, and the first-ever performance from the new lineup of Danava. Take a look at the full roster:

• Yob
• Danava
• Acid King
• Witch Mountain
• Eight Bells
• Wounded Giant
• Holy Grove
• Mountain God

Renowned local metal producer Billy Anderson is doing the live mix, which is pretty cool, and best of all, the event is all-ages. Tickets are a mere $15 but they're only selling 500 of them (available here).