Back in June start-up radio station announced they were entering talks about a merger with KZME, and according to XRAY's Musical Director Aaron Hall, that deal is now official as of last night:

We signed the contract to take over KZME's transmitter at 107.1fm. This is a game changer for XRAY as it will allow us to be heard throughout the city. End of summer/early fall we'll begin broadcasting from that signal while also remaining on 91.1 in east Portland.

I have line out to Hall as to how the deal will affect XRAY's current programming, which I—along with many listeners—have only been able to access via online streaming thus far. If you want a little (okay a lot) of background info on XRAY's inception and how crazy difficult it is to start a radio station, I wrote a feature earlier this year that shows both sides of the "can they do it?" perspective. Happy to see them making strides in the "yes they can" department.