(Doug Fir, 830 E Burnside) Under different circumstances, Split Single could have been much worse. The nasal vocals are similar to other indie bands, and the songs have a '90s alterna-pop vibe that, performed by lesser musicians, could have easily turned into soggy garbage. Split Single has a more advanced sound, though, and experience to match. It's led by Verböten/Verbow's Jason Narducy, who's played with Superchunk, Bob Mould, and countless others. On Split Single's debut album, Fragmented World, the band's rounded out by Spoon frontman Britt Daniels and Superchunk drummer Jon Wurster. Tonight Narducy will be joined by Ben Trokan (Reigning Sound) and Tim Remis. Though relatively new, Split Single has the tools and the pedigree to become very popular very quickly. ROSE FINN


(Mississippi Studios, 3939 N Mississippi) Tara Jane O'Neil (TJO) is a multimedia artist, the ex-bassist for post-hardcore legends Rodan, a former Portland resident, and the maker of hushed, meditative solo music that often appeals to those who usually don't like it slow. Earlier this year she released her first solo studio album since her 2009 masterpiece A Ways Away. Released on Kranky, Where Shine New Lights is another great work that, like A Ways Away, exists somewhere between an experimental drone album and a folk-pop album. At times it recalls the ambience of Windy & Carl, at others the hypnotizing folk of Hope Sandoval, and here and there the plodding weight of Low. O'Neil's is music to sink into, and seeing her live is an experience unlike any other. Tonight's lineup also includes former Dear Nora songwriter Katy Davidson's project Key Losers and excellent Portland electro-pop project Lavender Mirror. JOSHUA JAMES AMBERSON


(Boogie's Burgers and Brew, 910 E Burnside) It's a stacked bill at Boogie's tonight: Along with mainstays Defect Defect (who I've gushed about previously in this column) and the murky, angular punk of relatively new project Dark/Light (featuring members of Portland punk luminaries Sleepwalkers RIP and the Triggers), tonight's show features two bands on tour from Brazil. The eclectic Lo-Fi, whose new album Long Hair Cold Drinks suggests a decided if not unexpected country influence, and the full-throttle, slightly more straightforward, '80s-style punk of Water Rats. MORGAN TROPER