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Identify Yourself


Con-Way (map) Northwest
Sept. 12-29 2013

Descriptions for Krystal South’s multi-part piece are largely made up of oblique questions: “You can take the art out of the internet, but can you take the internet out of the art?” and “You can put this girl IRL in front of you but will the image line up outside how your online identity aligns with hers?” You probably won’t be able to speak with the Portlander about the answers to these queries—her piece is a website and an affiliated Tumblr that, like most Tumblrs, is littered with cribbed-together GIF files. It’s all commonplace enough, but maybe that’s the point? South’s clearly thinking a lot about how faithfully online personas reflect our true selves, and how they corrupt them. DIRK VANDERHART


2170 NW Raleigh, Portland, Oregon

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This event is in the past.
  • Sept. 12-29 2013
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