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East Glisan Pizza Lounge Northeast
April 17-22 2017


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The slice: SPF One
When you can get it: April 17-22, 4-10 pm. Vegetarian and vegan options available; limit two slices per person; takeout available.
What’s on it: Caramelized onion and cashew base, mozzarella, fontina, asparagus, fried sunchoke, prosciutto, gremolata.
What they say: “If the sun won't come out, we'll put it on a pizza. Asparagus is finally in season which means the earth must still be rotating around something. Sunchokes—it's in the dang name! The finishing drizzle of lemony, minty, herby gremolata is so bright you'll need shades. The caramelized onion and cashew base serves as the base for the vegan version, too.”

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East Glisan Pizza Lounge

8001 NE Glisan, Portland, Oregon 97213
Hours: Daily 4 pm-12 am

Venue Hours
  • Daily 4 pm-12 am
Event Times
This event is in the past.
  • April 17-22 2017