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3 Pigs Breakfast Burger

Delicious Donuts Southeast
Aug. 7-12 2017


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Big, bad wolves rejoice! The 3 Pigs Breakfast Burger will have you huffin’, puffin’, and blowin’ down the door of Delicious Donuts (but please don’t, it’s a family establishment). Celebrate the physical incarnation of your most gluttonous desires this Burger Week with the three squealers—sausage, ham, and bacon—and American cheese, egg, and hashbrowns, all sandwiched between grilled, glazed raised donuts. This raconteur of a burger knows it’s challenging hallowed breakfast tradition, but asks—nay, insists—that it be the most important meal of your day (and maybe even your life). Succumb to the 3 Pigs Breakfast Burger, and perhaps you will find true happiness.

Burger available Mon-Sat 5 am-2 pm

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Delicious Donuts

12 SE Grand Ave., Portland, OR 97214
Hours: Mon-Sat 5 am-2 pm

Venue Hours
  • Mon-Sat 5 am-2 pm
Event Times
This event is in the past.
  • Aug. 7-12 2017