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Bánh Mì Burger

Holsteins Downtown
Aug. 7-12 2017


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There are scads of cheap, great banh mi options in this city, but only the shake-slingers at Holsteins had the integrity to toss the noble burger into this delicious commingling of French and Vietnamese influences. Ladies and gentlemen: the Banh Mi Burger. This sweet mama’s got dry-aged beef and pork belly that’s slathered in oyster mayo, pickled daikon and carrot, jalapeño, cilantro, and, of course, sriracha. Wash it down with one of Holsteins’ alcoholic shakes, the way the French would want (probably).

Burger available Mon-Sat 4 pm-10 pm

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1139 NW Couch, Portland, Oregon 97209
(503) 616-4321
Hours: Daily 11 am-11 pm

Venue Hours
  • Daily 11 am-11 pm
Event Times
This event is in the past.
  • Aug. 7-12 2017