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Proletariat BBQ Burger

Lompoc Tavern Northwest
Aug. 7-12 2017


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Lompoc Brewing’s Proletariat Red Ale is one of the local brewpub chain’s flagship beers—so why not put all that malty, hoppy goodness into a Burger Week burger? That’s exactly what Lompoc did, topping a hot slab of their custom beef blend with Proletariat Red BBQ sauce, creating a barbecue-flavored burger that’ll go well with a beer. Plus, the burger is topped with a jalapeño-bacon jam, which sounds like unadulterated breakfast heaven, and bourbon-caramelized onions, so this’ll be a cheesy, oniony, beefy, beery, bourbony, bacony, barbecue-y burger for the ages.

Burger available Mon-Sat 11 am-11 pm

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Lompoc Tavern

1620 NW 23rd, Portland, Oregon

Event Times
This event is in the past.
  • Aug. 7-12 2017