Explode Into Colors, Savila

Mississippi Studios (map) North
Sat Dec 30 at 9 pm 21+

Explode Into Colors

It seems like only yesterday that Explode into Colors flashed across the Portland sky like a comet of magically infectious polyrhythms. While our time with the legendary trio was painfully short, the memories held by anyone fortunate enough to bear witness are indelible. Attendees of those exciting performances will recall psychically syncopated dance pieces that burst with feminine punk swagger, and chants that incited sweaty movements and communal ecstasy through a barrage of percussion and bass sounds. CHRIS SUTTON

To purchase tickets to the 12/31 show with Maarquii + JVNITOR, click here.

Mississippi Studios

3939 N Mississippi, Portland, OR 97227

Event Times
  • Sat Dec 30 at 9 pm
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