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The Wedding Present, Terry De Castro


Mississippi Studios North
Wed March 7, 9 pm. 21+


The Wedding Present

The Wedding Present is one of early indie rock’s under-appreciated greats. The UK group’s 1987 debut—the surreally titled George Best, named for the athlete—is a masterpiece of imperfect, quintessentially English pop that blazed a trail many British bands would soon follow. On the Wedding Present’s landmark release, 1991’s Seamonsters, the band benefitted from an added focus provided by producer Steve Albini. As a result, Seamonsters isn’t just the Wedding Present’s best LP—it’s indie pop at its rawest and most relentless, and many of its songs sound eerily current (despite some cringe-worthy couplets). Highlights include the breakneck jangle-pop anthem “Dare” and shoe-gazing slow-burn “Blonde,” which sounds like if Morrissey could write a song that actually meant something.

Mississippi Studios

3939 N Mississippi, Portland, OR 97227

Event Times
This event is in the past.
  • Wed March 7, 9 pm.