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Son Lux, Gordi, Wills


Doug Fir Southeast
Mon March 12, 8 pm 21+


Son Lux

Recommended by Isabel Lyndon

Last year, composer Ryan Lott lost a friend to cancer and welcomed a baby into the world. On Brighter Wounds, his newest album under the Son Lux moniker, Lott reckons with these tumultuous changes. He’s written film scores, and the songs on Brighter Wounds have a cinematic, sweeping quality, but few are predictable. Across 10 tracks, Lott, guitarist Rafiq Bhatia, and drummer Ian Chang demonstrate their skillful musicianship; Chang’s sparse drums mingle with Bhatia’s jazz-influenced guitar, and the occasional, wonderful horn section. Lott’s voice wavers so haphazardly, he sounds like a combination of Bjork and Billie Holiday, revamped for the Soundcloud era. Diehard Son Lux fans should definitely check out the band’s live renditions of their songs, which, based on my meticulous YouTube research, vary greatly from their recordings.

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