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Faith Healer, Reptaliens


Doug Fir Southeast
Tues March 6, 9 pm. 21+


Faith Healer

Recommended by Ciara Dolan

The title of Faith Healer’s Try ;-) reads like a dare—the winky face is, without question, the boldest Emoji—but the freewheeling psych-pop found on the Edmonton, Canada, duo’s latest album (released last year via Mint Records) is unmistakably playful. With the help of multi-instrumentalist Renny Wilson, singer/guitarist Jessica Jalbert kicks off the title track—which she fashioned as a response to Bruce Springsteen’s come-hither ballad “Tougher Than the Rest”—with a carefree laugh, while song titles like “Such a Gemini” and “Best Saved 4 Last” (the album closer, naturally) contribute to the record’s easy, breezy feeling. These coy flourishes don’t distract from Faith Healer’s versatile talent, though; “Light of Loving” is smoldering psychedelia, while “Sterling Silver” mellows into hymn-like electro-pop. Faith Healer is becoming one of Canada’s best musical exports, and tonight they’ll play alongside one of Portland’s best musical exports, Reptaliens (whose 2017 LP FM-2030 is languid, morbid, sun-kissed, and beautiful pop).

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This event is in the past.
  • Tues March 6, 9 pm.