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Lo Moon, Kraus


Doug Fir Southeast
Mon April 16, 9 pm 21+


Lo Moon

Lo Moon is in a tough spot. The cosmopolitan LA trio wrote and released a killer single (“Loveless”) in late 2016 that caught a lot of attention for its sumptuous fusion of silky R&B falsetto and faux-indie vibe. The band hired a powerful publicist, toured the country, and lots of websites wrote about the song, and then there was… nothing, more or less, for about a year. In February, Lo Moon released its self-titled debut LP, which features a bunch of songs cursed with the expectation that they’ll live up to “Loveless.” (They don’t.) Lo Moon isn’t bad, and Lo Moon isn’t bad, they just set themselves an awfully high bar to clear. Opening for Lo Moon, however, is Kraus, whose new album Path is a promising marriage of experimental drones, claustrophobic rock, and noisy shoegaze.

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This event is in the past.
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