On Cinema Live!


Revolution Hall Southeast
Fri June 15, 8 pm


Recommended by Erik Henriksen

Take it from a Professional Film Critic™: Ninety-nine percent of film criticism is worthless trash! The other one percent is made up of (1) Mercury movie reviews, and (2) On Cinema, the hilarious, increasingly elaborate podcast and web series starring Tim Heidecker and Gregg Turkington, who eagerly and contentiously offer rankings of the week’s hottest releases. (“I’m giving it six bags of popcorns and six cans of soda… uh, cups of soda,” Tim raved about The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey! “Well, the scale only goes up to five,” Gregg added, “but I’ll give it five bags of popcorn and a big hobbit hug.") On Cinema fans know that Tim and Gregg are not currently speaking to each other, and that Tim is currently running for District Attorney of San Bernardino, yet despite these obstacles, they’re still doing a live tour of On Cinema. See you at the movies! I mean, Revolution Hall. It is at Revolution Hall.