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Jeff Rosenstock, Great Grandpa, Dogbreth


Aladdin Theater Southeast
Thurs May 24, 8 pm All Ages


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Recommended by Cameron Crowell

Over the past two decades, Long Island songwriter Jeff Rosenstock has refined dweeby teen maximalism, from his band Bomb the Music Industry! pioneering internet DIY with pre-Bandcamp and pre-Radiohead pay-what-you-want releases to his 2016 solo masterpiece Worry. Bookending that cringy era when folks who unironically identify as “tastemakers” kept calling indie rock bands “emo revivalists.” The opening track of Worry., “We Begged 2 Explode,” condenses the core ideas of the whole album, beginning with a sweetly sad piano melody and melodramatic-yet-poignant lyrics: “Laura said to me, ‘This decade’s gonna be fucked/Friends will disappear after they fall in love and get married/Isn’t that shit, like, crazy?’” The album plays out like a winding ode to the frantic mind trying to break free from the spiral of heartbreak and alienation with crooning acoustic songs, upbeat ska-punk, shaker-and-hand-claps power pop, and even 30-second hardcore tracks about an abusive and parasitic ruling class. Earlier this year Rosenstock released Post-, and much like Worry., it’s political and personal with the same dweeby anxieties of adolescence taking a new shape.

Aladdin Theater

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  • Thurs May 24, 8 pm