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Robot Revolution


Oregon Museum of Science and Industry (OMSI) Southeast
March 17–Sept 3, 9:30 am


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Recommended by Erik Henriksen

Very soon, a robot or an AI will replace you—chances are, there's already one that can do your job faster, cheaper, and better than you, because all you are is a sweaty skin-bag of rotting meat. From there, it's only a computer-controlled nuke or two until relentless terminators and conniving AIs reduce Earth to a sunless hellscape where malnourished humans huddle in subterranean caverns while cold, calculating AIs use kill-bots to brutally exterminate humanity.

This weekend, OMSI's Robot Revolution will give our doomed race “extraordinary opportunities to meet and interact” with the robots that will inevitably annihilate all that we hold dear. Robots like....

• Rice University's r-one Swarm Robots, which work together like “swarms of insects” to slaughter humans
Baxter, a “smart, collaborative robot” that can beat you at tic-tac-toe before beating you into a puddle of blood and bone
• Dr. Takanori Shibata's PARO®, a “therapeutic harp seal robot” that lulls humans into a state of calm before eating their face
• Korea's ROBOTIS-OP, which “uses face-tracking software to sense when a human is looking at it, and can align its gaze with that of a guest's,” ensuring the last thing you see will be the soulless void of a superior intelligence
CHARLI, a “humanoid robot” that can “walk,” “turn,” and “kick” the life out of you
• Japan's MURATA BOY and MURATA GIRL, which “can ride a bike very slowly” and follow you home to learn where you live
THES, a robot “equipped to work its way through pipes” to find chemical leaks and kill you while you sit on the toilet
• The University of Pennsylvania's RHex, which uses “springy legs” to “sprint across flat ground, fling itself up curbs, and leap over gaps,” ensuring there is literally nowhere you can hide
• Zhejiang University's Soccer Robots! They play soccer! Neat!

Go to OMSI, my fellow humans. Have fun. Learn. But you already know the most important lesson: The coming war is not one that humans can win.

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Oregon Museum of Science and Industry (OMSI)

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This event is in the past.
  • March 17–Sept 3, 9:30 am