Portland Retro Gaming Expo


Oregon Convention Center Northeast
Fri Oct 19, 12 pm, Sat Oct 20, 9 am & Sun Oct 21, 10 am All Ages


Recommended by Erik Henriksen

Every year, the Portland Retro Gaming Expo seems to get bigger: The annual event, once a cozy gathering in a weird hotel banquet room, now takes up damn near all of the Oregon Convention Center. This year's PRGE will, of course, offer countless old-school video games to gawk at and buy, from hard-to-find rarities to nostalgic classics. Plus, there'll be the sprawling “Retrocade”—featuring a huge amount of top-notch arcade cabinets—along with workshops, auctions, cosplay contests, and the Classic Tetris World Championship. And there's even more, including special guests and speakers from the old-school days of the gaming industry, as well as new-school programmers, developers, and online personalities.

Oregon Convention Center

777 NE MLK Jr Blvd., Portland, OR 97232

Event Times
  • Fri Oct 19, 12 pm, Sat Oct 20, 9 am & Sun Oct 21, 10 am