Angry Gardener: Thyme to Smash a Shrub

AVID Downtown
March 18–24


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The Cocktail: Angry Gardener: Thyme to Smash a Shrub
What's In It: 1.5 oz Vox vodka, Avid Apricot Cider, .75 oz apple shrub, .5 oz ginger liqueur, thyme twig, dried apricot
What They Say: "We are inspired by apples, varying methods of fermentation, and the unique food and beverages you can create. Being a cider house, we wanted to showcase this through an apple shrub and our cider. This cocktail is different, tasty, and features a couple forms of fermentation."
When You Can Get It: Mon-Wed 11 am-10 pm, Thurs-Sat 11 am-11 pm, Sun 11 am-10 pm

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121 NW 9th, Portland, Oregon 97209

Event Times
  • March 18–24