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Liturgy, Truck, U Sco


Twilight Cafe & Bar Southeast
Tues Nov 19, 9 pm 21+


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Recommended by Chris Stamm

Like foie gras and Snickers and amusement parks, Liturgy songs are deeply satisfying until the second you’ve had enough, at which point you just want to bail and not think about having a body and brain anymore. This is not a knock on band mastermind Hunter Hunt-Hendrix’s boundary-nudging black metal. His compositions mess with the cloistered world of extreme music in rewarding ways, but they can be kind of a lot. Take this not as a warning but as a promise: Liturgy will push you past the line between too much and way too much, and you’ll definitely feel it in the morning.

Twilight Cafe & Bar

1420 SE Powell Blvd., Portland, OR 97202
Hours: Daily 11 am-2:30 pm

Venue Hours
  • Daily 11 am-2:30 pm
Event Times
This event is in the past.
  • Tues Nov 19, 9 pm