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Dorian Electra, Alice Longyu Gao


Holocene Southeast
Fri March 13, 2020, 6 pm All Ages


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Recommended by Leilani Polk

Dorian Electra’s early career material included economist pop (like 2010 single “I'm in Love with Friedrich Hayek” and 2011’s “Roll with the Flow (My Date with Keynes)”), and later, a series of catchy, cheeky sex education songs/videos for women’s lifestyle website Refinery29, on the history of feminism, high-heeled shoes, drag, vibrators, and my personal fave, the clitoris (sample verse: “In 3D/The clit was mapped architecturally/To the world's surprise/It was found to be 10 times its size”). Lately, the pop and performance artist with neon hair, a painted-on pencil mustache, and gothic dom-meets-Ren faire outerwear has been drawing on their own experiences and orientation; they told 2016’s Bullett Media that “Mind Body Problem” was about “femininity as a performance—when being a ‘woman’ feels like putting on a costume and the costume doesn’t seem to come off with the clothes.” Dorian Electra’s 2019 self-released debut LP, Flamboyant, discusses masculine archetypes and issues from a gender-fluid perspective, adding a healthy dash of campiness to tunes like the glamor-hyped “Guyliner” and biblical spoof “Adam & Steve”—the latter’s YouTube video is tagged with an 18-plus age restriction for no discernable reason. (“There is no nudity, no ‘inappropriate language’, no gratuitous violence…” Dorian tweeted recently, “Maybe just offensive because it’s gay af?”).


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  • Fri March 13, 2020, 6 pm