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The Ex-Girlfriends Club, The Shivas, Sexy Water Spiders and Holy Children


Backspace Northwest
Thu., Jan. 27 2011 All Ages

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Deceptively, there are no girls in the Ex-Girlfriends Club. There are, however, men who would seem to enjoy the shock value that such a name provokes. The band members adopt alter egos such as "Albatross" and "Action Lord" as they perform their throwback glam rock, striking me as the kind of group that will be playing Iggy Pop tribute shows long after the man is dead and they are past their prime. Until then, we can count on bands like the Ex-Girlfriends Club to uphold the tradition of performing shirtless and acting is if the '70s never ended. Their crunchy, slithering sex songs are like cocaine and mirrors for the ears. MARANDA BISH


115 NW 5th, Portland, OR 97209
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This event is in the past.
  • Thu., Jan. 27 2011