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AgesandAges, Old Light and 1939 Ensemble


Doug Fir (map) Southeast
Fri., Dec. 23, 9 p.m. 2011 21+


Quick, before you're trapped with family! Get out your last good-time kicks with AgesandAges, whose giddily upbeat sing- and clap-alongs are better than any Christmas choir. They may play a few new songs as well, as they're working on a new record—plus Old Light's strum-heavy tunes are no slouch in the rock 'n' roll department. NED LANNAMANN

Old Light steps out of studio hibernation (where they're working on the follow-up to 2010's The Dirty Future) to build their mighty wall of sound. Autoharp and harmonies are sure to fill the holiday void that's burrowed into your soul, and it'll be nice to see what these lads have been up to. AgesandAges (perhaps you've heard of them?) will bring their PDX Chamber Pop Now™ to the stage—a big band in the literal sense, whose grandiose harmonies and sly hooks reign supreme. Rounding out the bill are locals 1939 Ensemble, who will set the mood with an array of vibes, chimes, and percussion: more eerie than cheery, and that suits me just fine. MARK LORE

Doug Fir

830 E Burnside St., Portland, OR 97214
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  • Daily 7 am-2:30am
Event Times
This event is in the past.
  • Fri., Dec. 23, 9 p.m. 2011
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