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My Goodness, Battleme and Secret Music


Doug Fir (map) Southeast
Fri., April 27, 9 p.m. 2012 21+

Doug Fir

There's a pretty slick polish coating the outermost layer of Austin-to-Portland transplant Matt Drenik, frontman of Battleme, and his self-titled debut. The core construct of psych-influenced pop, rock, and hooky falsetto-folk receives a bit of a mainstream makeover with lots of dopey effects and triggered drums. Its otherwise seemingly mashed-up post-production compositions feature swirly slide guitars, tambourines, and a surplus of instrumentation that ends up buried. For every excellently textured party-rock cut like opener "Closer," there's a decadent dud like "Shoot the Noise, Man." But—and it's a big but—there's no denying Drenik's ability to make the most of his impressive vocal range, or his talent at melding the danceable and decorative aspects of his songwriting. There are more than enough quirky and/or unquestionably good moments on Battleme to hold your attention. RYAN J. PRADO

Doug Fir

830 E Burnside St., Portland, OR 97214
Hours: Daily 7 am-2:30am

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  • Daily 7 am-2:30am
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This event is in the past.
  • Fri., April 27, 9 p.m. 2012
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