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Kreator, Accept, Swallow the Sun, Kitty and Blackguard


Roseland (map) Northwest
Sun., Sept. 23, 8 p.m. 2012 All Ages


At first glance, Accept and Kreator sharing a stage seems a little misguided. Accept's brand of traditional heavy metal rock 'n' roll doesn't seem to play nice with Kreator's lightning-fast, decapitating thrash. But if you read between the lines and look at the two bands' recent track records, the timing for this bill is perfect, because each of them are enjoying a welcomed resurgence. Within the past four years, both German bands have released two albums to virtually unanimous critical acclaim. Accept's Blood of the Nations and Stalingrad sound as good as anything from their golden years, but feature TT Quick's Mark Tornillo replacing Udo Dirkschneider on vocals. Despite some purists' wrinkled noses, Tornillo's gruff and Udo-like range complements the band's tough-as-steel riffs. Kreator's Hordes of Chaos and Phantom Antichrist both boil over with whiplash-inducing speed bursts and Mille Petrozza's signature snarl. The former has much more flair and dexterity then the latter, but both are good listens. Accept and Kreator are classic metal champions who are tired of experimenting. Thankfully, they still know that what they do best is what their fans want. ARIS WALES


8 NW 6th, Portland, OR 97204
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This event is in the past.
  • Sun., Sept. 23, 8 p.m. 2012
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