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Alina Simone


Sat., Sept. 13 2008 21+

Siberian cult icon Yanka Dyagileva was a folk-punk-poet whose underground status rivals Nico or Patti Smith in her barren homeland; after her mysterious death in 1991, Yanka's music continued to be distributed non-commercially through dubbed mix tapes. While walking in New York City's Brighton Beach neighborhood, Alina Simone happened upon one of these rare tapes. Born in the Ukraine and fluent in Russian, Simone was touched by Yanka's poetic recounts of Cold War-era Soviet life and the raw simplicity found in her primitive works. Paying homage, Simone released a collection of Yanka covers entitled Everyone Is Crying Out to Me, Beware. Championed for her breathy, decadent vocal range, Simone transforms Yanka's lo-fi originals into modern indie rock ballads with an Eastern European flair. Sung entirely in Russian, Simone's potent emotive voice surpasses language barriers, carrying Yanka's story straight through the soul. EM BROWNLOWE

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This event is in the past.
  • Sat., Sept. 13 2008
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